Calidad Insurance: Your One-Stop Solution for Insuring Every Part of Your Life

When it comes to wide insurance coverage and customer-friendly packages, Calidad Insurance remains one of the most impressive and trusted names in the insurance industry.

With more than a decade of faithfully ensuring and serving its clients, Calidad Insurance continues to grow in rapport and accountability. So, what packages and policies does it offer, and how do they work?

Find all your answers right here!

The Calidad Insurance Team

As a premier insurance company, Calidad Insurance comprises individuals and professionals who continually work to offer the best insurance plans to clients.

The team undergoes constant training and orientation which keeps the company updated on clients’ values and desires. This means every plan they offer is engineered toward delivering the most coverage to the clients.

The company offers everything from auto insurance and life insurance to home insurance and commercial insurance. In effect, they serve as a single source where you can secure the right insurance plans for every property under your care including your own life and well-being.

With multiple outlets in different locations and an online platform that’s usable from anywhere, Calidad Insurance is one of the most instantly accessible and customer-friendly companies today.

Plans and Policies offered by Calidad Insurance

The wide variety of coverages at Calidad Insurance means that there’s a plan for every individual or group out there. Explained below are some of their most popular packages.

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Calidad Auto Insurance

Calidad Insurance offers one of the most comprehensive and wide auto insurance coverages in the market today. Their auto insurance mainly comes in four distinct coverage categories.

  • Collision Coverage is the plan that covers your repair bills if you collide with another car or with a roadside object (telephone pole, tree, etc.).
  • Injury and Property Damage Liability is a minimum coverage plan that covers the expenses you incur if your car injures another individual or damages another car. This type of minimum liability coverage is mandatory in most states.
  • Comprehensive Coverage is the plan where Calidad Insurance pays for the costs or damages incurred to your car outside of a collision. This means you will get compensation if your car was vandalized by another individual while parked on the road.
  • The Underinsured Motorist Coverage pays for the medical bills if you were injured by another driver who does not have liability coverage to pay for your expenses. It’s a handy plan to have if you only registered for the Injury and Property Damage Liability plan.


Commercial Auto Insurance

If you happen to own a car that’s used for earning income, you may have to apply for a commercial insurance plan. Whether your car is rented out for deliveries or leased as a cab, commercial insurance will have clauses that cover expenses incurred after an accident.

In most cases, this plan will cover expenses for both the individuals/parties involved in the accident. So, the premium will be higher compared to a simple Liability Coverage plan.

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Whatever policy you choose, having the appropriate commercial auto insurance will prevent you from shelling out thousands of dollars in expenses if your car ever runs into a collision or accident.

Calidad Home Insurance

Calidad Insurance also offers a variety of plans that can cover your home and your belongings. The extent and scope of the coverage will depend on what kind of property you own and the nature of items inside the home. Many people choose to insure both their homes and everything in it, while others go for insuring just the physical structure of the home without the items inside. Each individual has a different requirement and Calidad Insurance is committed to accommodating the customized needs of every client.

Some home insurance plans may even include small coverages for injuries developed during home accidents. With Calidad Insurance, you can chalk out the details of what coverage you want and which ones you don’t need.

Homes that have existing mortgages may cost more in the insurance process but it protects you from having to pay a fortune in repairs even before your house is fully paid for.

Calidad Life Insurance

More important than your car or home is the safety and well-being of your family. With Calidad Insurance, you can choose the appropriate life insurance plans for every individual in your home.

Whether you’re a young parent with toddlers or an older adult with a large family, the importance of life insurance cannot be overstated. At Calidad Insurance, the team will carefully explain and brief you about the policies and coverages before you choose a plan. After being adequately informed and educated, you can then opt for the insurance package that best suits you and your family’s needs.

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This is also one of the most loved and convenient features of Calidad Insurance because you can file for a robust life insurance plan with the same company where you have an auto insurance plan. This removes the hassle of running from one insurance service to another as you choose different plans for your life and property.

Workers’ Compensation and General Liability

This insurance plan is ideal for business owners who wish to protect themselves and their employees from accidents related to the business environment.

The Workers’ Compensation package covers the medical bills of your employees or laborers who might sustain injuries while conducting business activities. It’s especially useful for local businesses that deal with construction or operate heavy machinery. Even if you don’t have many employees, you can even register yourself for this plan, which can be a useful add-on to any health insurance plan you may already have.

The General Liability plan is targeted towards meeting expenses of indemnity or claims of injuries made by others on your business. If any neglect or misuse of business leads to the injury of another individual or someone else’s property, they may file claims of injury and damage against your company. If the court proves that the injury was caused by neglect from your business activity, Calidad Insurance’s General Liability plan can cover the medical bills or repair costs of the concerned party.


Regardless of whether you seek auto insurance or wish to secure your property’s safety, Calidad Insurance offers a package for everything in your life.

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