What Is The Cost Of A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Exercise routines and strict diets are the traditional way to achieve an ideal body type, but what if there was a way to get results faster and easier? Yes, we’re talking about plastic surgeries, and one, in particular, has risen to the top as one of the trendiest procedures.

It’s the Brazilian butt lift. Despite the popular notion that the name originates from the country of Brazil, it is an homage to the Brazilian doctor who first successfully performed this surgery. This procedure aims at women who want a rounder, more accentuated body shape, explicitly targeting the buttocks.

If you’ve always dreamed about an ideal body shape, getting a BBL must have crossed your mind at least once.

But is it worth it?

Well, read this article to find out more about what a Brazilain Butt Lift is, how much it costs and what are some of the benefits you get from a BBL.

What Is BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a type of cosmetic surgery where the fats from your other body parts, like the hips, abdomen, and thighs, are taken out and transferred to your buttocks. The ideal result is to achieve the hourglass figure with an emphasis on bigger buttocks.

Since the process of getting a Brazilian Butt Lift involves taking our facts from body parts like your hips and abdomen, it gives the impression of a smaller waist and bigger bottoms.

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The fat removal process is done through liposuction. So essentially, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a mixture of several surgical cosmetic procedures.

What Is The Cost Of A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The average cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is set at around $4571. But this is only including the fee for the procedure. The average range of a BBL is around $2000 to $12,000. But the actual amount can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Several other procedures go into the mix, so you may have a higher bill than this national average.

In most cases, even if you have a medical insurance policy, it is unlikely they will cover the charges for your BBL, even if it’s just a small part.

It’s because health and medical insurance companies deem such procedures to be cosmetic surgeries that are not necessary for the welfare of the patient. Hence, there is no coverage for surgeries like the BBL, even if it costs a lot of money.

If you decide to get a BBL, you will have to pay for it from your pocket, which can cause a significant dent in your wallet. You can try Redwood Coast Finance as an alternative solution to get easy and quick loans and solve your financial woes.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of A BBL:

The Geographic Location Of The Facility:

As with any other medical practice, the facility’s location plays a huge role in determining the price of the procedure. The procedure will cost more if you live in a place with a high cost of living. Likewise, the rates change from one city, state, or country to another.

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For example, a butt lift in Paris may cost you about $7300 for the whole procedure, but if you look at Switzerland, the cost of just getting the liposuction part of the procedure can cost you about $6600.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can also try reading up on insurance for international tourists for stress-free travel.

Anesthesia Fees:

Generally, two types of anesthesia are administered to patients about to undergo BLL surgery- general anesthesia or IV sedation.

In the US, the cost of local anesthesia is around $500, while general anesthesia costs as high as $3500. This is because local anesthesia does not require a registered anesthesiologist to administer the sedation, while a certified anesthesiologist should only administer general anesthesia. So you will have to pay for their services as well.

Surgeon’s Fees:

The higher the surgeon’s qualification, the higher the surgeon’s charges will be. It is better to spend a little more money and get a professional to do the job as accurately as possible than risk infection or a fatal mistake.

Type Of Procedure:

When you get a BLL, you typically combine several other procedures with the BLL. For example, liposuction, tummy tuck, and BLL is the most common combination.

The reason behind this is to maintain the consistency of the body proportions. Hence the total bill of your BLL can vary from person to person and what they deem necessary for their procedure.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A BBL?

  • Minimizing cellulite because your butt is fuller and more firm. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite on your butt area.
  • Your clothes will have a better, more snug fit.
  • You reduce excess fats from different body parts through liposuction or a tummy tuck as part of the BBL process.
  • Improving the overall body figure
  • It is a quick and easy solution as opposed to exercise and diet.
  • They look much more natural than when you opt for implants or fillers.
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On the other hand, you should also consider the side effects you might experience following this procedure.

Although the chances for risk are minimal, it is always better to be safe, so here’s a list of common side effects of BBL you might see:

  • Scars
  • Lumpy surface from the injections
  • Infections
  • Fat embolism
  • Pain post surgery

What Insurance Will Get Me A BBL?

Most insurance companies don’t cover the charges for cosmetic surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift. However, you can get your insurer to cover part of your procedure by claiming the coverage on medical grounds, which, if approved by your agent, will cover the charges for the BBL.

The key focus should be to convince your insurer that you have tried all other alternatives, such as conservative therapies, and still see no results to the underlying problem.

They might approve your request if you can convince the agency that the BLL is your last resort to treat your medical problem.

At the same time, you can always opt for other alternatives to finance your Brazilian Butt Lift. You can start by talking to your doctor and devising a payment plan or getting a loan from a reputed institute.

Toledo Finance can get you various loan packages that might help you with this.


Before you make an appointment for BLL surgery, ensure you have thoroughly vetted the surgeon for their qualifications and certificates. You must go to a highly trained and qualified surgeon, even if it means cashing out more money.

Ensure that you talk to your doctor about the procedure before you go ahead with the surgery, so you know what to expect.

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