How Can An Insurance Startup Save Money?

Startups are often on a shoestring budget, and insurance companies are no different. 

It is important to understand that insurance is an industry that relies heavily on printing. Everything from the documents, policies, Claims Information, and marketing involves print expenses. And this is just one component.

With the increasing costs of commodities, printing alone can exhaust your financial resources. Your insurance startup will be doomed if you’re not careful where your precious money is going. 

To help you, here are the top money-pinching ways you can incorporate into your startup business today. 

9 ways an insurance startup can save money

Go digital

Traditionally, insurance companies rely on print for documentation. But the cost of a printer, paper, toner, and ink is not cheap, especially in today’s world. 

Transitioning to the digital platform can seem impossible if you’ve been in business for a while. But luckily, your insurance company is just taking off, so don’t be afraid to digitize your documents. 

You have options from cloud-based document automation and PDF to Google docs that can be an invaluable way to take your documentation to digital form. 

Update your printing hardware 

Many business establishments use more printers than they require and sometimes use the wrong printers. If your insurance team is a handful running out of small space, you don’t need a printer in every cubicle. 

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A laser printer is pretty much all you need to get the job done when you decide to print only the absolute essentials. Cleaning up your printing hardware and updating them will save money and time. 

Consider getting recycled supplies. 

Recycled hardware and printing supplies are not the first options, even for broke startups. However, recycled printer cartridge is a big business, and a casual browse on Google reveals many hidden gems. 

Remanufactured printing supply companies like House of Inks also sell printers and printing supplies. Remanufactured printing supplies are recycled and made to comply with OEM quality, so you have no reason to doubt their standard or performance. In addition, remanufactured printers and cartridges are sold at a fraction of the cost, so it’s an effective way to save money. 

Free tools are your best friend.

Several online tools can make running your insurance startup easier, from payments to marketing, social media management, and accounting. These online tools have several features you will find indispensable for businesses, insurance or not. 

Not only will you save money with free tools, but it will also give you a chance to gauge whether you want to pay for a full service. 

Get virtual assistants 

For startup entrepreneurs strapped for disposal cash, virtual assistant services are a fantastic option. Virtual assistants can do everything that is traditionally performed by in-house teams. For instance, VA Support Now is capable of marketing, sales, administration, bookkeeping, and customer support.

VAs can greatly reduce operating and personnel costs and, of course, improve the quality of work and speed up things as well. You can also tailor the virtual assistants to suit your personal and workflow requirements and pay less than an in-house team. 

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Rely on smart software 

Smart software and virtual assistants are fantastic options to cut costs at your new insurance office. The software can help you and your insurance team to make smart decisions for printing materials.

Emails in full color, double-sided printing materials, and printing large batches quickly are some of the features of smart software. This way, you can customize the printing and reduce costs by cutting back on unnecessary printing. 

Check out what big companies are offering. 

Some of the biggest names, such as Google and Amazon, have programs that can help startup companies to take their ventures off the ground. 

For instance, Amazon Web Services has a Free Tier feature where you can get hands-on experience without paying for it. The AWS Free Tier has several benefits, including storage, database management, and computing which can be indispensable for any business, including insurance.  

Similarly, Google Cloud also has a Free Tier for storage, BigQuery, and a computing engine, which is cool and absolutely free. 

Share your office space. 

For startup companies, sharing an office space is a fantastic way to save money. If you have an investor, don’t be shy about asking to share a space with them. In addition to saving money on rent, sharing an office space also has other benefits. 

Building a better relationship with your investors becomes effortless since you are in the same building. You and your insurance team can also get hands-on experience with successful companies’ operations. 

If your investors are among the venture capital firms, sharing a space with them will also give you access to their connections – including portfolio companies. Most investors are often eager to share their resources, so you might be able to get them with great discounts. 

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Test-run your marketing strategies

Startup companies spend more than 20% of their revenue on marketing, which is a big chunk of money. With everyone talking about the effectiveness of digital ads and social media promotion, it can be almost impossible to resist the urge to not jump on the bandwagon.

However, your goal as an insurance startup is to save money, among other things. 

And test-running your marketing strategies before you go full-on with advertising/marketing full on is a smart move. Running small campaigns is a great way to gauge the market, your audience, and your strategy’s potential without spending the full amount. 

Final thoughts 

Insurance startups often need to compartmentalize their resources, labor, and finances, and it can be quite tight. Under such circumstances, getting your startup off the ground can be daunting.

However, if you know money-pinching tips and tricks like the ones shared here, they can be real lifesavers. Also, not every entrepreneur has what it take to venture into the insurance industry, but you are already there, so don’t beat yourself up. 

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