The Ultimate Guide to Travelers Insurance

If you’re planning for a refreshing getaway vacation, it’s wise to always include comprehensive travelers insurance in your plan. Not only does it protect one from financial losses, but it always ensures other unexpected losses are met. 

While many travelers avoid purchasing proper travel insurance, it’s best to repeat this mistake. Why? Continue reading to know more. This article will discuss the importance of traveler’s insurance and some of the best insurance providers in the US. 

What is Travelers Insurance? 

Travel insurance is a type of coverage created to protect travelers from financial losses and any other related risks that occurs while traveling. This “risk” can range from major issues like illness or injuries to minor issues like delayed luggage or missed airline connections. 

Most travel insurance covers several areas like medical evaluation, emergencies, stolen or damaged/lost luggage, trip interruption, delays, and trip cancellation. 

Although most insurers provide this type of coverage, travel insurance may vary according to different plans. So, it’s essential always to compare and understand what you’re getting before signing up. 

What is the importance of having travelers insurance? 

Whether it’s a vacation or business trip, or even a casual trip, travel insurance should become an essential part of your traveling essentials. This is because it can help eliminate various unseen or unexpected risks while also ensuring travel security. 

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We have also written about Insurance for International tourists to the USA. f you are planning to travel to the USA, we recommend you check it out too.

As such, here are some reasons why you should have travelers insurance: 

Covers Health Emergencies 

Travelling also comes with its own set of risks, especially during monsoon seasons. You may get exposed to communicable diseases and fall sick easily or even get into an accident. This is where a traveler’s insurance policy can help cover medical costs to a certain extent. 

Protects Against Losses 

Ever lost your baggage or passport while traveling? If yes, you’re probably aware that you may never get them back. But, with travel insurance, your policy plan will cover these types of losses. 

Ensures Personal Liability Coverage 

If you happen to cause any harm to a third person/party during travel, your insurance policy can help cover such harm. When insured, your insurer will help cover and pay the compensation amount. 

Covers Trip Cancellations/Disruptions 

Trip cancellations and disruptions can cause a significant dent in your finances. However, with traveler’s insurance, your policy plan will help cover such incidents. 

Top 10 USA travelers Insurance providers 

Looking for a good travel insurance provider can get complicated sometimes. So, to ease your search, here are the top 10 USA travelers insurance providers: 

1. Travelex Insurance Services 

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly plan, Travelex insurance is a great choice. The company offers two travel insurance plans with 100% coverage for interruptions and cancellations, along with $500 trip insurance for delays. 

In addition, the plan also includes around $100,000 for emergency medical coverage. Other coverages include personal and baggage loss, etc. The plan is best recommended for domestic or short vacations. 

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2. Allianz Travel Insurance 

Allianz Travel Insurance offers a wide selection of about ten travel plans to suit different travelers. Individuals can buy coverage for specific trips as well, but annual plans are available as well. 

The insurance plans come with different levels of coverage along with separate coverage limits and inclusions. Under their plans, the most popular plan is the OneTrip Prime Plan. 

3. AIG Travel 

This traveler’s insurance provider offers around three levels of insurance plans. The annual plan covers all trips, a single trip plan, and the Pack N’ Go package for any last-minute trips. 

The coverage and limit of the plan will vary based on the trip details of the customer. This factor makes it essential for you to acquire a via the search engine of AIG travel to verify which coverage levels you qualify for. 

4. World Nomads Travel 

This insurer provides customizable travel insurance plans with different coverages and prices depending on the needs of the customer. World Nomads policy inclusions are quite broad compared to offer insurers. 

Individuals can choose between two insurance plans: the explorer plan and the standard plan. The latter plan offers lower coverage to create a more affordable plan, while the former offers more coverage in exchange for a higher cost. 

5. Seven Corners 

The Seven Corners mainly provides travel insurance for US residents. However, the company also provides medical coverage for outsiders under certain conditions. 

The Seven Corners insurance can be purchased on the basis of students, annual travel, group travel, and frequent travel. 

6. Generali Global Assistance 

The Generali Global Assistance provides you with a selection of three travel insurance policies. These plans can be customized depending on your requirements— from the Standard plan to the Preferred plan and finally, the Premium plan. 

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The Standard plan offers you the least coverage, while the Premium plan, on the other hand, can give you higher coverage and an increased limit for more expensive upfront costs. 

7. HTH Travel Insurance 

This allows customers to enjoy various choices that apply to various aspirations. You may purchase the medical-only package for one or multiple trips, a plan to cover any trip cancellation expenses, and many more. 

The HTH Travel Insurance can be used to cover particular parts of your trip while also offering comprehensive coverage for travel insurance, with tiered levels—Economy, Classic & Preferred. 

8. IMG Travel Insurance 

IMG Travel Insurance mainly focuses on three primary types of plans—travel medical insurance, traditional travel insurance, & international health insurance. This firm can also provide a plan called the ‘GlobeHopper Senior’ plan, specifically for retired people over 65 who want to travel. 

There are plans that also help their options be explored by students, ex-pats, business people, and government workers. There are family-friendly insurance plans that can be used, such as the iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, & iTravelInsured Travel LX. 

9. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection 

Berkshire Hathaway provides a travel protection policy that allows you to pick from various travel insurance plans and get a quick quote online. This firm helps customers travel across the world on flights and cruises with travel insurance that covers various expenses. 

There are three levels of coverage that you can get— ExactCare, ExactCare Value, & ExactCare Extra. It also brings you unique plans for any traveling that include adventure, road trips, as well as cruise trips, etc. 

10. AXA Assistance USA 

The AXA Assistance USA contains three levels of travel insurance plans that you can choose from—Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This works for people’s different budgets and for them to receive suitable coverage. 

The Gold Plan helps cover 100% of trip cancellation expenses and a specified amount of money for medical emergencies, trip delays, missed connections, as well as accidents. Higher coverage is available in Platinum, but Silver is more budget-friendly. 

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