What is Geico Insurance?

Geico Insurance is among the top 3 best insurance companies compared to its competitors. There have been many people that have shifted to this efficient insurance carrier for both medical and collision purposes. You cannot go wrong with Geico’s prices and excellent help from their service.

But what makes Geico stand out the most from others? Today, we will look into Geico Insurance and the various ways that helped it become a successful insurance company. Let’s dive into what it is precisely and how you can easily log in with our detailed review.

What is Geico Insurance?

Geico Insurance was created by an American couple, Leo Goodwin Sr. and Lillian Goodwin, in the year 1936. It is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational holding firm that is the parent company of big names like Dairy Queen, Duracell, etc. It has its headquarters in the town of Chevy Chase in Maryland.

Geico Insurance is connected with other insurance companies to provide better products for Geico renters’ insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance, among others. Perhaps you’re looking for an appropriate insurance product for you. Reading on will help you understand what Geico is and how it differs from other companies.

It is a great insurance company with excellent customer service, convenience, inexpensive rates, etc. It is also managed through an app, where you can easily access Geico, login, and get quotes. Different types of insurance products are made available by Geico, such as Geico Motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance, Homeowners & Umbrella insurance, etc. 

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Geico Car Insurance Prices: 

One of the best auto insurances has been determined to be the Geico auto insurance option, with a 4.7/5 rating on Bankrate. Geico car insurance is prominent for people considered to be high-risk drivers. 

In many cases of accidents or speeding violations, the insurance companies will have their customers increase their premiums. The Geico Insurance quote provides average premiums that cost less than the national average in both cases. It has also provided cheaper policies for teen drivers.

A driver with a clean driving record can get insurance for $1,297 at a premium. If there are any speeding violations, it rises to only $1,586. This is for both men and women, which is seen as an outstanding achievement as there is no discrimination on Geico car insurance based on gender.

For any teen drivers, who are around the age of 16, the car insurance policy will be $2,822. This is almost a thousand dollars difference compared to the national average cost of $3,852 for teen drivers.

If there is a case involving an accident, the insurance policy will be rated at $1,900. Similarly, this is also cheaper than the national average as it is more expensively rated at $2,521.

Geico Insurance is an excellent and cheap insurance company due to its affordable pricing on its full coverage policies and minimum coverage. Per year, the average cost for full car insurance coverage is only $1,297. Likewise, the minimum coverage is $365 per annum.

Geico Insurance: Home Insurance

Unfortunately, there is no availability of any Geico homeowners insurance policies. However, it works alongside other insurance companies that offer this policy. So, if Geico customers are interested in home insurance, their needs can easily be secured.

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Geico Insurance: Life Insurance

There seem to be no directly offered Geico life insurance policies, but they offer it through partner companies. This is available in three types: 

  • Term life – this option provides coverage for only a specific period, and you must give them details about your health through a questionnaire.
  • The whole life-this option does not have specific dates on when it ends; however, it does help with income and can be a helping hand with legacy planning. 
  • Universal life – this option, like the whole life option, does not have a beginning or an expiration date. The premium costs can fluctuate with time.

Other Geico Insurance Benefits

Partnering with Geico on your car insurance can also allow you access to many perks, such as:

  • Pet insurance: Pet insurance can help you care for your pet without worrying about the drastic expenses of any illnesses or accidents. They provide coverage for any dental and decrease costs by partnering with other companies.
  • Jewelry Insurance: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group is one of the partner companies that Geico Insurance teamed up with to help ensure their customers’ jewelry is of great value or sentimental value in case of robbery or disappearance.
  • Travel insurance: Berkshire Hathaway, the parent company, has a travel protection policy that provides insurance for any travel expenses or cost of cancellations on trips. They also help in case of lost or stolen documents or unexpected medical emergencies.

Geico Insurance: Customer Care and Support

Geico Insurance has a comparatively lower number of complaints than other companies. With just over 1,000 complaints from customers over the past three years, it can claim to offer the best customer satisfaction.

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Geico Insurance provides several online services to help customers purchase and manage policies independently. They need not find a Geico insurance agent to help them through as they provide detailed instructions and help guides. Some of the tools they provide include:

Geico Insurance Express Services is an online service that does not need login information. It allows customers to make payments, accesses their documents without hassle, and acquire their insurance ID cards.

Geico Insurance mobile app is used for any transactions made when purchasing insurance policies, accessing ID cards, claiming files, paying bills, etc. You can even chat with the online virtual assistant of the company, Kate. 


Website: geico.com

Email: [email protected]

Social Media Accounts: InstagramFacebookTwitter.

Mail Address: 1 GEICO Blvd, Fredericksburg VA, 22412

Geico Insurance phone number: +1 800-861-8380

Geico Insurance Reviews

According to NAIC, Geico Insurance was studied and ranked in the middle of some other insurance companies. In the 2021 J.D Power Study of auto insurance claims satisfaction, Geico was ranked 8th among 18 companies. It ranked 4/8th in a study of auto insurance shopping.


  • The product costs are so cheap even though the service Geico Insurance provides is exceptional.
  • A much lower number of complaints are made against Geico Insurance, even though its scope in the country is immense.
  • It offers a bunch of discounts on various policies and services provided by Geico.


  • Geico does not offer home insurance and other coverage directly and can only be secured through a limited number of companies it works with.
  • They have the highest ratings for drivers with a DUI on their record.
  • The claiming process can be inconsistent procedure. 

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